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I am always in search of that vette that I need whether it be a Hot Wheels or what.  If you have a tomarts, you can pretty much look at my list and see what I need or look at my pics to see what I need to replace my filler. Here are a few  of specific vettes that I am looking for.

58 Corvette
-pink w/chrome engine; 5 spoke wheels; #341; #3 in 95 model series

Muky Corvettes

1973 HW Redline Jettin Vette from the Revvers Series
in any color/condition

68 Custom Corvette redline
-US champagne interior
-HK brown interior long steering wheel

-US brown and champagne interior

-HK creamy pink with long steering wheel
-US magenta with brown or champagne interior
-HK magenta
-US rose with brown or champagne interior
-HK rose

-HK brown and white interior long steering wheel
-US 14K gold white and champagne interior
-US yellow gold brown interior

-HK brown interior
-HK white long steering wheel
-US champagne interior

-US brown interior

-HK white and brown interior
-US champagne interior

-US dark olive white interior
-US light olive champagne interior
-HK brown or champagne interior

-US brown interior
-HK windex blue
-US Ice blue white interior
-HK Ice blue

-US brown interior
-HK brown, champagne, and white interiors

-US brown and champagne interior

63 Split Window
-grey w/maroon stripe on top; basic wheels; Malaysia

Stingray III
-purple w/ 3 spoke wheels;#595

Custom Corvette
-yellow with 5 spoke wheels; grey interior, clear windshield
-dark purple w/ gray interior; ultra hot wheels;#200
-dark purple w/gray interior, lace wheels; #200
-India Leo in blue and in yellow

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