1997 Corvette

Painted Resin

-unriveted with blank base



1998 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
-  handed out along with  red viipers at the conferance



97 Bloomington gold

Dark Green 1st edition and comparsion shot b/w normal  and bloomington gold

199 Corvette Expo

Chicago Cubs

Blue racing

International bp

Convention Zamac 97 Vette

99 Treasure Hunt

Black racing

Japan bp

Yellow from HW World Downtown playset


Black in Carwash playset

Blue in Carwash playset

Teal in Carwash playset

Loose Teal

Pink Barbie in Timeless Toys II set

Prototype Barbie Vette

Comparsion shot

Green Long haulers

Dark Green in Car dealership

Green Aqua from Hot Wheels Remote Power Express Train set
-has a silver logo compared to the gold onne in the hauler pack
-Interior is also darker than the hauler ppack

Chicago Autoshow prototype

Black Chicago Autoshow

Indy 2006 club car

Bloomington Gold

Motor City

Blue Chicago Autoshow

Blue no tampo

Motor City Hot Wheelers

2006 Indy Club car

Red Chicago Autoshow

<>2006 Indy club car

Bloomington Gold


European bp

2000 Bloomington Gold

2000 Chevy Vettefest----if you know where to find the base car for this please let me know

Silver from Target Wild Race Teams Set


Yellow from McDonalds

Notice the different rear end

Happy meal bag

Black 97 vette from Auto Dealership set-photo off ebay


Silver 2001 #133

European bp

Lighter silver with less metalllic and different base-baggie car from playset

normal base on top and light silver on bottom

all 3 versions with light silver in middle, ultimate hot rod in back, normal in front

Ultimate hot Rod Racing set
-light windshield and darker blue
regular version in back for comparsion

2001 Mets Giveaway

NY Mets prototype

Red w/sp3

Booster w/97 vette

Power Launcher

Corvette Series 97 Vette

RLC Factory Set

European bp

International bp

w/ 5 spoke

International bp

Error-no black paint in stripe

Lace Wheel

Ultimate Police Chase set

Green from Octoblast Gift pack

Avon 97 Vette

Hall of Fame 2 car set- Autozone exclusive

Hot wheel Electric Racing

Version #2

Midnight Racers

50th anniv preferred

1997 Corvette-???transition piece b/w 97 and 98 vettes
red interior, clear glass, has different rear hatch, blank base, 5 spoke pro circuit wheels; corvette logos on front and rear

  Bloomington Gold 2004


Pride Rides 97
Short bp

  Error Pride Rides


Master Set

Duel Cool

2006 Corvette gift pack

Ultimate Hot Rod RAcing set
-loss of metallica paint, different color of gold
gift pack at back for comparsion

2001 Motor City Club Car

Target Easter 6 pack

5 pack

WalMart Easter

2010 Nationals Bussman's RAOK set with chase pieces

Heat Fleet

Blue with rear window tampo variations and blue shade differences


small front wheel

short bp


2011 Factory Set

2011 LA convention

Nickel 1/25

Purple 1/25

Gold 1/25

black 1/75

blue 1/380

red 1/50

Heat Fleet