1980's Corvette

Wooden Model Casting- used to make the casting mold for making the vette

The letter authorizing the making of the model

Order sheet

Design plans for the "83 Corvette"-click on them for larger view

Has "83 Corvette" instead of the "80's corvette, unriveted

Zamac unriveted

Zamac unriveted 80's vette prototype

Version #2 unriveted

Prototype paint samples

Grey in bp  

Metalflake Silver in bp

Interanational bp

Red in bp  

See Through roof

Stocking Stuffer

5 pack

Wrapping paper


HW Newsletter drawing

Prototype yellow w/flames

Prototype maroon

Prototype black

Prototype black

Prototype yellow

White from Mattel toyclub/Turbotrax loose

Interanational version--alternate interior and malaysia base

Tampo variation

Turbo Trax set

Column Accessories pack

International set

2007 Cali convention proto party car

Black in bp  

Black w/ red bag

-grey seats

-tan seats

Black w/tan bag

black dash red bag

unrivetted bodies

Blue in bp  

Blue w/red bag in bp  

Blue w/no hood tampo in bp  

Blue w/no hood tampo loose  

Red Park N Plate in bp  

Red Park N Plate w/black bag  

3 plate variations

International bp

Cal Customs Toy Fair banner

Billionth Ed in box

Mattel ad

Employee set

1992 National Convention

Red w/sp5 in bp

Red w/sp3 in bp  

Red w/lacewheels in bp  

-one sp7 on rear and lace on 3 other wheells

European bp

Red w/sawblades in bp

Race Team Series III w/5sp in bp  

Euro bp w/solid roof

Solid roof

Race Team Series III w/5hole in bp  

Mixed Signals in bp  

Japan bp

 White Corvette Central in bp  

Blooomington Gold 2004\

No tampo

Gold in bp

Euro bp

Japan bp

Production Pilot gold

Red w/flames PR5


european bp

Yellow w/Egypt tampo from World tour Gift pack

Japanese BP

100% preferred red

100% preferred silver

Silver Mechanix in box

White Mechanix


version #2

Blue Super Hotwheels in box

Green Super HW in box

2 pack


White Super Hotwheels in bp

Action Racer

  2006 Corvette gift pack

Prototype Resin "flat out" 80's vette

Orange Prototype

White Prototype

Beast bash gift pack

Cop Rods

Fire Rods

Military Rods

2010 Proto Pow Wow


<>Hot ones-with error front wheel chrome

Purple 60th anniv



unriveted front end

windshield error-common bend

A team