1958 Corvette Coupe

3:1 Resin Mockup

White prototype to match 3:1 mockup--has nonproduction hood

Resin prototype


Pink with 5 spokes

Pink 1st ed w/bw in bp

Pink w/sp7 in bp

Front sp5 and rear sp7

Purple 1st ed w/sp5 in bp  

Pearl purple w/sp5

Purple w/sp7  


Pearl Purple w/sp7

w/non chrome engine

Purple w/ho5 wheels in bp

European bps


Red LE #14in bp  

Blue w/sp5 from Gift pack 

clear windshield

Blue w/sp3 from Gift pack

-all small 3 spokes

Final Engineering prototype
-missing painted headlights, nonpainted enngine, and missing HW logo

China base

White from FAO History of HW II in box 

1958 Corvette Treasure Hunt in bp

Gold from FAO Olympic 3pack  


Proto FAO Gold

Blue from Target Cruisin Americain box  

American Flag from America Spirit in box

Dark Red General Mill's Designer Collection in bp  

Turquoise w/5hole w/engine in bp

European bp

International bp

Turquoise w/5hole no engine in bp

International bp

Chicago Cubs in bp


FAOCruisin 50's 58 vette loose 

Corvette Central 58 in bp  

Black in bp  

Black w/3sp from Target Wild Race Teams Set


White w/blue stripe from AMES set

Cop Rods in bp  

Yellow in Racing Pack in box

Purple in long haulers box
This piece and the red 58 vette in the hauler below show a transition in the 58 vette as the bases on these are blue bases that were used as bases on the blue 58 vette in the Corvette Gift pack.

Showing the transition base

Red in long haulers in box
Has transition blue base

Silver in Pavement Pounders box

Black Pavement Pounders Treasure Hunt

2002 Pavement Pounder Treasure Hunt


Baby Blue Hills Classic in box

Resin Prototype

Black Motorin Music gift pack

Japanese BP

Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels

Preproduction bp

Staff piece

Staff piece


Corvette Series

RLC Factory Series

International package

European bp

Sweet Rods Japan

100% preferred yellow

100% preferred red

Autozone 58 vette 2 pack

Wastelander's 58 vette

European bp

Mexico Quaker State bp

3 spoke Mexico Quaker State bp

50th anniv preferred

Fla-Vor-Ice 58 Vette

Larry Woods Target Tin set


2005 Treasure Hunt w/redlines


Zamac blank base prototype

Green Classics

Pink Classics

Blue Classics

International bp

Yellow Classics

Painted engine

Red Classics

Light blue

Ultra Hots


Prototype white

Road Maniax

<>Engine Revealers

Master set

Zamac prototype

2008 Mystery Car

2009 Wild Weekend Autism  Charity vettes
chrome interior blue windshield

all small wheels

black interior clear windshield



chrome interior clear windshiled

Black Wild Weekend limited to 15

Convention poster

<>Pizza party box

E sheets

Pizza Paddle With Larry Wood drawing and auto


Happy Birthday series

I was very honored to be the 1st VIP of the annual Nationals Lunch Bash
It was given to me at the 5th Annual Bash at Dearborn 2012

2012 Holiday

unriveted prototype with different base

60th anniv